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As a supervising advisor, Monica facilitates a network of other advisors in the southeast region of the country. We share our experiences and benefit from each other’s knowledge.

Meet The Team

Monica Brown, ChFC

Financial Advisor


Monica Brown has been an independent financial advisor since 1994. She earned her bachelor’s degree in education, using that background to break down complex financial concepts ...

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Kristine Hefner

Kristine Hefner is an administrative guru, and works behind the scenes to keep Monica’s office running smoothly. Kris is not registered with FSC. In her spare time, she enjoys psychological thriller novels, home improvement...
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Mischa’s primary responsibility is protecting the property from all four-legged and winged intruders. In her spare time she enjoys helping Monica train for her runs.
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Max is responsible for stress reduction in the office. He is always available for head scratches and belly rubs.

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Meet The Network

Jason Fuchs


Jason’s mission is to give his clients greater confidence by designing financial strategies that allow them to organize, accumulate, preserve, distribute, and transfer their wealth. He has a passion for establishing lasting ...

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